Anna (modernthirst) wrote in gimmethatenzo,

Hey pals.

I'm going to close this community.  I've been thinking about it for a while and I feel like extra caution with sharing music can never hurt.  And I'm not sure I'm posting often enough lately to merit a separate community for it anyway.  Also, a lot of music I've been posting lately is sort of tied to my fandom thoughts, and I think I'd prefer to write about the two together in my personal LJ.  I'll leave it open for a few days so you can snag anything that's still up.

If you're not on my friends list over at captaincatapult but still want to download music I post, friend me!, if you don't mind posts about other stuff too!  I'm one of those crazy kids who gets obsessed with something for three months at a time and then moves onto the next thing, so my posts are pretty much frenzied caps lock parties about whatever it is at the time that's making me delirious.  Right now it is One Tree Hill.  Thought I should probably warn you about that. 

Anyway, thanks for being interested in the kind of music I like and downloading this stuff and telling me you like it, because that always makes my day.

- Anna

Oh and if you friend me, make sure to let me know so I can add you back!

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